Hi, I’m Teri Wallis. I’ve worked with cooperatives and organizations, boards of directors, management teams and employees who want to serve the daily needs of their members and consumers and make an impact in their community.

Through our work together, leaders and professionals emerge through education, understanding the finances, and knowing their part in the execution of your strategy. Well-equipped employees and a clear plan will result in impacting the lives of those you serve, the community you are committed to, while securing a strong organization now and into the future.

I look forward to bringing these things to your organization, association and statewide organization.

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Educate employees for a strong future

I combine my knowledge of utility accounting practices with years of hands on experience to teach others how.

Grow highly competent employees who understand utility finances and work order accounting.  Employees who understand the finances can help the organization know their options, manage your challenges, and position and plan.

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strategy & financial consulting

Most decisions have a financial impact.  Stakeholders need to know where they are headed, how they are going to get there, and the impacts of getting there.  I am here to help guide your strategic, operational and financial needs.

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Build a team - develop leaders

Grow strong leaders who will foster innovation, continue to reinvent your cooperative or organization and position the team and organization for continued success.

I help you find the right strategy for communication by combining the best practices of today with the provenmethods of the past.

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