Educate, Develop and Impact


Education, training and workshops and all aspects of utility accounting


Looking for education and training that engages, is interactive and down to earth?

Need financial training for electric cooperatives and utilities?

Work order training that encompasses the big picture to the fine details?

Financial “must knows” for those not with an accounting or finance background?

Your experienced and knowledgeable instructor is right here!  




Education and training opportunities are key to the future strength of our cooperatives and utilities. Understanding the finances of the organization is a must. Work orders and infrastructure is our biggest investment. Beyond the numbers, we need to be developing strong teams and future leaders.

Sending individual employees out to large cities is a costly, prohibitive, takes a great deal of time and coordination.

Terilyn Wallis Education and Consulting will bring a comprehensive suite of financial and development topics to you and your statewide association! This approach is the most time efficient, cost effective way provide education on a wide array of financial topics to the most employees. Besides, is a comprehensive approach to building a well-rounded knowledge-base. Now you can build a well-educated financial staff for your organization and all around your state! Contact Teri to find out how! (link to contact info)


Planning for the future

Secure the future of your cooperative by planning for it’s success. No, it won’t just happen and fall into place. Electric cooperatives are facing challenges including no new sales or members even declining sales, technologies like solar and batteries are evolving and about to change the business we have known. Rate structures need to change. Members expectations are changing, and our members expect a transparent organization.


Financial Expertise

Sometimes you need to lean on someone that is not only an expert in the industry in finance and accounting, but you need perspective and examples of what is working.